Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barefoot: yay or nay?

Today I had something of a personal crisis.
Needless to say, it was one of those days. There was no peace to be had, no relief, no comfort, no extra strength. No shoes, no clean clothes/dishes, no sanity. Yeah.
Now let me preface this next part by saying that I don't believe in making my kids look good when we go out. Part of this is out of convenience, part of this is out of wanting them to be comfortable and happy and to be able to express themselves however they want. But today it was really hard to remember that reasoning.
Nona was in old faded neon green sweats, that no matter how many times she had changed today, she always came back to. And on top she wore the cutest frilliest top you're ever seen. Paul looked fairly decent, but due to his new desire to grow his hair long and refuse to let me brush it, looked somewhat crazy. Beau had chocolate smeared all over him, and had just put clothes on for the first time that day (we're nearing 8pm).
We were going to get ice cream cones and go visit Daddy at work, since we really hadn't seen him much in the last several days.
Absolutely no one could find their shoes. And for some reason this really ticked me off.
Lately I was introduced to the barefoot movement, loved the idea of it, but for sanitation and safeties sake got me a pair of these puppies:
Love 'em, but I'll post more on these later.
For some reason it didn't pass over to me that I should let my kids experience barefooting as well. It was in the car, and there was still some sniffling in the back seat from my prior rudeness (which now tears at my heart, don't worry) when it hit me. What the crap is the big deal about shoes?
Yes, yes. Other than the fact that I have actually spent money on a product that seems to have vanished and will never get used, really, what was I whining about? I was allowing myself to go barefoot, why couldn't they?
So, they did. There were no run ins with sinister hidden pieces of glass, no seemingly innocent, sharp rocks waiting to make a bloody mockery of our new found freedom. It went fine.
So what was the big deal? I still don't know why I got my panties in such a twist. I know I haven't been the best mom lately, running on fumes will do that to the best of women. Which I"m not saying I am, I just... You know what I mean.
It made me wonder what else I get all worked up about that really is superfluous? How many other things in life are considered 'important' and are really just learned behaviors that when tested, hold no water?
What are some of the social norms that really need to be done away with, or challenged? What am I ready to throw out and make my own rules on? The possibilities aer liberating!


TopHat said...

I've been trying to loosen up about shoes, too. The problem is that Margaret is like the shoe warden and won't let me leave the house without them.

MEG said...

Girl, you need to live in HAWAII.

SonyaB said...

Beds!! What's wrong with a mattress on the floor?! NOTHING!! Isaac kept pushing his mattress on to the floor, so one day, I just took his bed down. He loves it! and I agree. Shoes are for everyone elses sake. We just went camping and spent the whole weekend barefoot! it was glorious!